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Save time. Have more energy. Get rid of mucus and improve your overall health.

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  • Organic Seamoss

  • Straight from Grenada in the West Indies

Organic Seamoss

Straight from Grenada in the West Indies


You have introduced me to magic in a jar. I have suffered from painful menstrual cramps for 19 years, I added 1 thing to my health and wellness and now I am happy to say I had my cycle last month and I didn't have to take the prescribed pain medication (which is a major deal breaker for me) Thank you very much for your seamoss it has changed my life.

Monieque F

Finding a good business or a great product is one thing, but when a company has both great

product and great attitude integrity and customer service then its complete. Seamoss N Tingz have both from my experience so far and looking forward to being a lasting customer.

Phiona S

Since taking your seamoss I have noticed an almost immediate energy boost. My concentration

and memory is much sharper, and especially for my line of work I need to be focused at all times. I noticed weight loss week over week and I have been on your seamoss for over 2 months now. This has prompted me to begin running again and noticing my body responding much better to the workouts with faster recovery times. I have also been enjoying much better sleep which I haven't had in years. Thank you Seamoss N Tingz for making me feel young again and putting the "Vigor" back in my step.

Damany L

Seamoss N tingz has the best sea moss gel ever! The quality of their sea moss gel, delivery service and customer service is outstanding. Their seamoss gel has help my post baby body get back on track! I've been taking sea moss gel for the past 3 months and I've noticed my energy has increased. I feel stronger, less fatigued, my wild cravings are controlled it has become a staple food to my plant based diet. I put it on my skin, my face is so soft, more radiant and glowy. I put it in my smoothies it's very diverse you can eat it in the mornings or any time of day. Thank you Seamoss N Tingz you guys are the best! -

Anamika S

As a repeat customer of Seamoss N Tingz, I have experienced absolutely amazing, quick and efficient service. The contactless deliveries have gone seamlessly and I couldn't be happier with this amazing product that has changed my life. You have earned a customer for life with me. —

Solange L

Where have you been all my life!!! What an amazing boost to my energy. I am sleeping better than ever. Working out more and have wayyyy more energy. I take my seamoss daily in my green smoothie, my smoothie feels so incomplete without it. Karen is such a professional and cares about her customers, she goes the extra mile to ensure that you receive your order. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, and for always following up with me and for giving me my reminders.

Temika G

I am a regular Seamossntinz client and I couldn’t live without the benefits of the wildcrafted seamoss gel now! I love the many benefits of seamoss and the caring and conscientious service of Seamossntinz. I use it daily and in so many ways

Stacey M

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