Who We Are

Sea Moss is one of the most powerful marine superfood packed with numerous health benefits. Growing up in a Caribbean household Seamoss has always been a staple and a treat our parents made not knowing just how vital it really was for our bodies.

After having our daughter Trinity, we noticed whenever she got a cold she became extremely congested and it became difficult putting her to bed at night. She was unable to cough and spit out the mucus and this concerned us as parents. As a result we began doing research and learned that dairy could be the culprit as it creates mucus in the body so as a result, we switched to plant bases sources (almond/coconut milk). We then started researching natural products that rid the body of mucus and to our surprise, Sea Moss which we had in our cupboard was ideal and so our journey began. Within the first week of introducing it into our daughters diet we noticed the mucus became loose and started coming out. By the second week all her congestion had cleared up and she’s never had difficulty breathing since the change. This led us down a path of making a lifestyle change to ensure our kids are taught at a young age the benefits of eating healthy clean food.

Since incorporating Sea Moss into our daily routine, my wife no longer has menstrual cramps, I started losing weight while maintaining muscle, our energy levels went up and we felt great in our bodies. After our son Makai was born we became even more thankful of Sea Moss because of the energy boost it provides as we had to keep up with him. We couldnt keep this amazing superfood to ourselves and wanted to share it with other families who would enjoy these benefits.

This was the birth of Seamoss N Tingz.


Michael and Karen Stewart